Exploiting your visual identity

One of the myths about marketing and design is that you need a big budget, in reality what you need is resourcefulness, creativity and energy and the ability to out think your competitors.

Fresh thinking is what you need

Start by examining how you currently promote your company to existing and potential customers, the way you answer the phone, your business cards, signage, vehicles, company brochure, website etc. They all say something about your business, addressing these issues may not be a priority but in the battle to get your company noticed and distinguish it from your competitors they are vital marketing tools.

A combination of commercial good sense and creativity are needed to look for ways to exploit and establish an identity that will increase volumes and margins and ultimately success for your business.

Since most companies will not normally contain it’s own specialist designers it may be necessary to employ a skilled and imaginative outside source. You will need a partner who can understand and be committed to the companies wider branding aims, who can help to set the visual standards and manage them.

For companies to take advantage of the many exciting opportunities in today’s market place companies need to have a clear strategic overview on all visual matters.

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