A new identity

At a time when consumers are looking for individualism and variety it is getting harder to create differences between products and services. In some circumstances brand differentiation is going to be the basis of reasonable margins and ultimately survival.

How your business is marketed through effective use of design and materials, brochures, logo’s, websites and advertising is going to be crucial to the future success of your business. What will increasingly make the difference to peoples choice is the reputation of the company behind the product or service and the added values of the company in terms of quality, reliability, innovation, specialisation, responsiveness and integrity.

A new identity never starts with a blank sheet of paper. It takes its inspiration from the strength of the company, existing associations, competitive positioning, probable uses and applications, and the needs and perceptions of target audiences. The best corporate and brand identities need to communicate so efficiently, they are corporate assets with real value.

Whether an existing identity is to be maintained, developed or changed, or a completely new one created is decided on business grounds alone.

It has to:

  • Differentiate a company from its competitors

  • Project company and brand values

  • Be robust and adaptable in all environments

  • Meet the needs of the customer

  • Remain credible and trustworthy

  • Motivate your business audience

Value your brand. Value your company.

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