Things are really taking off at Hilton Smythe.


Over the past six months we have working closely with our client Hilton Smythe to develop a new look and feel for all their marketing and online presence. A new brochure using strong bold colours and icons in place of photography has been developed across a wide range of material from brochures to business cards, mugs to online campaigns and soon to be launched website.

Exploiting your visual identity.

One of the myths about marketing and design is that you need a big budget, in reality what you need is resourcefulness, creativity and energy and the ability to out think your competitors.

Fresh thinking is what you need.

Start by examining how you currently promote your company to existing and potential customers, the way you answer the phone, your business cards, signage, vehicles, company brochure, website etc. They all say something about your business, addressing these issues may not be a priority but in the battle to get your company noticed and distinguish it from your competitors they are vital marketing tools.

A combination of commercial good sense and creativity are needed to look for ways to exploit and establish an identity that will increase volumes and margins and ultimately success for your business.

Since most companies will not normally contain it’s own specialist designers it may be necessary to employ a skilled and imaginative outside source. You will need a partner who can understand and be committed to the companies wider branding aims, who can help to set the visual standards and manage them.

For companies to take advantage of the many exciting opportunities in today’s market place companies need to have a clear strategic overview on all visual matters, talk to Oven Creative today and see how we can help you.

A new identity?

At a time when consumers are looking for individualism and variety it is getting harder to create differences between products and services. In some circumstances brand differentiation is going to be the basis of reasonable margins and ultimately survival. How your business is marketed through effective use of design and materials, brochures, logo’s, websites and advertising is going to be crucial to the future success of your business. What will increasingly make the difference to peoples choice is the reputation of the company behind the product or service and the added values of the company in terms of quality, reliability, innovation, specialisation, responsiveness and integrity.

A new identity never starts with a blank sheet of paper. It takes its inspiration from the strength of the company, existing associations, competitive positioning, probable uses and applications, and the needs and perceptions of target audiences. The best corporate and brand identities need to communicate so efficiently, they are corporate assets with real value.

Whether an existing identity is to be maintained, developed or changed, or a completely new one created is decided on business grounds alone.

It has to:

• Differentiate a company from its competitors

• Project company and brand values

• Be robust and adaptable in all environments

• Meet the needs of the customer

• Remain credible and trustworthy

• Motivate your business audience

Value your brand. Value your company.

A new and exciting identity for Ashton on Mersey School Alliance SCITT

The aim of SCITT is to develop the outstanding teachers of the future, those who will make a difference in the lives of the pupils they teach and to the colleagues they work with. Ashton on Mersey is one of the only schools nationally to have been deemed outstanding by Ofsted five consecutive times. This understanding of what outstanding practice looks like shapes their teacher training programmes. You will be on your own ‘Journey to Outstanding’. They recognise and understand that this journey will be very different for each individual but will support you to become the very best teacher you can be.

As part of this development Ashton on Mersey School approached Oven Creative to create a new identity and brand for SCITT. The new identity had to be fresh, modern and exciting in order to attract trainee teachers helping to create the next generation of outstanding teachers and develop future leaders.

The new brand will be used across all areas of the School in helping to promote the high quality and expertise of the Schools Teacher Training with new brochures, leaflets, posters, uniforms and exhibition stands.

Learn more at

New innovative responsive website design for Hilton Smythe

One of the UK’s leading business transfer agent and brokers has undergone a complete redesign of its website to cater to the growing number of customers that use tablets and mobiles when going online.

Launched in 2011, Hilton Smythe specialises in nationwide property services to commercial and corporate clients. The company has grown at a rapid rate with over 35 staff employed and a new website design has been created to reflect the brand’s exciting new business goals.

The new site has been updated to make it much more user-friendly and easy to navigate; it features a responsive design, so the website can now be used on tablets and mobiles.

This was very important to Hilton Smythe due to the increase in people using these forms of technology to gain information online.

Oven Creative, a Bolton-based design and communications company, was hired to carry out the re-design of the commercial website and brochure. They had the difficult remit of branding the company with a bold, refreshing and innovative approach but the finished products are absolutely amazing.

PJ Web, a software and web development specialist, also worked in partnership to undergo the development of the new site.

Gareth Smyth, managing director of Hilton Smythe, said: “We’re really pleased with the new website and feel that it represents our brand. We’re hoping that the new site allows us to cater to all our customers and will help us to continue to grow as a business.”

He added: “Oven Creative had, without a doubt, invested a great deal of time into understanding our business and our design needs and the finished result was something which we did not anticipate would have been possible. The service and support has been phenomenal. There was only minimal interaction required between the briefing period and finished product as we were totally satisfied with what was presented, nonetheless, our queries and requests were always expeditiously responded to.”

The project lasted a total of 5 months with the new site launching early August. You can view the new site for yourself at

The Hungry Duck – Restaurant of Ramsbottom

The Hungry Duck in Ramsbottom, Lancashire opened it’s doors for the first time on the 25th May 2013, offering classic dishes in a traditional and fun way. All the ingredients are fresh, local and seasonal; meat is guaranteed British and traceable to within 15 miles of Ramsbottom, fish travels a little further, but at the very least it is landed daily in Fleetwood and to ensure the freshest quality the dishes on.

Oven Creative designed the branding and logo for the restaurant which has been used for the signage, menus, leaflets, business cards and website giving a modern contemporary feel with traditional values.

You can follow The Hungry Duck on Twitter or visit the website: @HungryDuckUK